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River Clyde Homes

Change of Circumstances

If your circumstances have changed since you completed or last updated your application - for example, you need to add/remove a member of your household or change your address - then you need to inform us by using this form.

You can log in by using your User ID and Date of Birth.

Once logged in you will see that the form contains the information you provided when you applied or last updated your application. Please make any changes as you move through the pages. You will need to click 'Next' at the bottom of each page to save any changes and move to the next screen.

Please ensure that you work fully through the form and click submit at the final page. Please note that you cannot return to the form at a later date, so it is important that you complete and submit all changes.

Once you have updated and submitted your form you will be temporarily suspended from bidding for homes until your application has been reviewed. This is necessary in order to confirm whether the changes have affected the Group you are placed in or the size of home you need.

Please do not use this form if you are only updating your telephone number or email address.

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